Does SEBI is a Regulatory Authority or Even Exist

Securities Exchange Board of India is a regulatory authority set up to regulate the capital markets of India. The question is does SEBI really is regulatory authority and even exists for real. The fact is not.

What kind of regulations does SEBI actually does to regulate the markets – when there are bunch of companies whose stock prices have fallen down to 50-75% in just a few trading sessions. This gives a moment of sigh!

India stock market is getting unpredictable or rather unsafe for an average/regular investor, who just read/follow the normal news and company’s performance to actually invest in the particular stock. Even the technical person who might read charts are unable to predict the heist moves of the stock prices.

To count on:

  • DHFL fall almost 60%+
  • YesBank fall more than 30%
  • Infibeam fall close to 70%+ is a day.
  • PNB is falling and came below Rs.60 in intraday.

Want to name some; there are many like: IL&FS, PC Jeweller, HCC, Suzlon and many more.

All of these stocks are Future stocks. If stocks are listed on futures people do have some more faith about the company and prices – though volatile moves are expected but this isn’t moves – that’s just eroding of common investor’s wealth.

Why Isn’t All this Being Regulated?
If some listed company is getting defaulted – why they are not reporting to SEBI or why SEBI is not taking in to the account for these companies that what is being happening with the companies or management working behind these companies.

What is the meaning of regulation – When a single move could sickle down the wealth of a common investor to more than 50% in a day? Who stands accountable? There should be any.

If there is a regulatory board and despite all of this happening – this is serious. Day by day stock market is getting mysterious. SEBI really need to show its presence.

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