Easy Intraday Trade Set-up of 3×15 Moving Average

When it comes to intraday one has to trade quick and make good decision which ultimately ends on profit – Whether the profit is Big or less doesn’t matter but it should end up in profit – this is what makes a Intraday Trader Happy.

When we talk about intraday trader it caters to all segments – Stocks – Commodities – Currencies. Easy trade setup that is being explained below is purely for Intraday Traders but it could give results if you are a short term trader/investor too.

Trade Setup
Its the simplest of trade setup. You have to put only 2-things on chart. Moving averages (Simple Moving Average)

Simple Moving Average 1 = 3periods
Simple Moving Average 2 = 15periods

Chart should be at 5min or less that truly depends on your trading style but 5min Candle Stick Chart is recommended for this trading setup.

How to Trade this Setup
When Moving Average 3 crosses Moving Average 15 in downward direction take a sell Call. When Moving Average 3 crosses Moving Average 15 in upward direction take a buy call.

Keep your quick targets and quick profit – unless you are very sure of the pertaining trend.

Quick Entry and Quick Exit.

Have Good Profits by Applying this Trade Setup. We are always available for queries – just comment below.

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