Nifty is Being Positive Now

With the close that we posted on twitter before the market closing proved exactly and market closed at the level of 10923 and we predicted the market to close at 10926

Now, If market crosses this 10926 tomorrow it is likely to reach the level of 10961 & 11013 and above. Before Nifty crosses the Bench mark of 11000 again – All the market should move giving Nifty the required strength.

As because from the last two trading session – we are seeing that few selected stocks are only moving – Monday it was Reliance that held the market up and Tuesday it was the a mixed bag but likely large stocks pull market down.

As per the Technical charts of Nifty suggests – Nifty is still having some strength to cross 11000 mark this week but keeping in mind that it should strongly hold the level of 10926.

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