We are Back & Why We Were Not Updating

Thanks for being patient!

We were actually not absent nor out of trade – actually we were struggling with the Database lost issue with our Web-hosting Provider.

This is the only reason you see that posts on website is off 27-March-2018 and After that all the posts have been lost – as stated by our Web-hosting provider. Our Web-hosting Provider as stated in their statement has no idea how the database is lost as they don’t monitor the databases.

We were giving updates since Monday on twitter and regularly updating it since we were in constant contact with Our Web-hosting Provider to actually restore the database – but at last as stated in their written statement the database is actually lost and they can’t do anything to restore it.

Therefore, we will try to republish every thing that is lost from the available data of our posts on twitter.

Please do follow us on twitter too if you haven’t already. As critical updates is always given on twitter when website/host is down.

We will be back with regular updates.

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